Biggest Generation of All? Who are Baby Boomers?

Where did all the years go?

Why did growing old happen so quickly?

Did you know that the youngest of all the baby boomers are now in their fifties The youngest of these generations are now grandma and grandpa.

This is an aging generation and it’s big! The baby boomer generation is roughly estimated to be 71 million strong today.


With the youngest now in their fifties and the oldest in their sixties, it is estimated by 2030 that one fifth of the population will be older than 65 years of age.

This generation has had and continues to have a profound impact on the world we live in. So let’s discuss what created this, what has this generation experienced, how it has impacted our world, and what is coming next.

I ought to know, I am a Baby Boomer.

The Baby Boomers Year’s!

What created the Baby Boomers Generation?

So what exactly created this generation called the Baby Boomers?

Before the baby boomers, which is pre-1946, this generation made great personal sacrifices by growing up during the Great Depression of the 1930s and then they went to war in 1941 after the attack on Pearl Harbor.

They are known as the Greatest Generation for their sacrifices and impacts on winning World War 2.

Some say that what created this booming generation was the couples reuniting after World War 2 and started having families beyond 1946. It is said that during these years just after WW2, over 3 million per year were born into this world for a number of years.

Regardless as you will read here, this generation has a profound impact on the world as we know it and will continue to have as this generation is living longer and more independent than ever.

When were the Baby Boomers Born?

The baby boomer years ranged from 1946 to 1965. The baby boom begin in 1946 with over 3.4 million born into the United States. This was roughly 20% more than in 1945.

So the boom was on!

Then in 1947 another estimated 3.8 million babies were born. The baby race was on.

Then between the years of 1954 to 1964 another 4 million were born and the boom started to taper off, but only after roughly 75 million baby boomer were born into the United States from 1946 to 1965.

Many of these post WW2 adults were convinced that peaceful times and prosperity were in their future. They were right because the corporate world exploded in growth. Labor unions provided solid wages and benefits, and the consumer confidence was high for all these reasons.

The post-war adult for the first time could see that they could afford for what their family needed and that their children would not have to do without such as they did during the depression. Life in the United States was promising for all.

What have Baby Boomer Experienced?

Having been born in the mid 1950s, I look back at all the things baby boomers experienced and lived through. Some of the most pressing issues of the day back then were the civil rights movement.

I remember watching the civil right protest on the black and white television we were fortunate enough to have. Predominately in the news in the 1960s was the events around the Vietnam war. From the protest against the war to the graphic coverage of it on television.

When you were not watching this, the sexual revolution was on with Woodstock and the “flower power” movement. I remember doing the duck and tuck drills at school as the cold war with Russia was in full swing with the threat of nuclear holocaust.

However, as a boy in the 1960s, the race for space travel was most interesting and I remember being glued to the television to watch the first man walk on the moon.

Then the 1970s rolled around bring me to my college years and new experiences there. I remember when the first PC was invented by IBM and the advent of the Apple Macintosh. All were with storage capacities of 128k, WOW!

Look at how far that technology has come and changes quickly even today.

Now we are getting to the age where most of the baby boomer are working their chosen career and being responsible adults. They too are now having children.

As we move into present day, the baby boomer are either preparing to retire or already have retired. So what are these baby boomer getting involved in?

  • According to a Google study, the baby boomer are very tech savy and are hitting the internet by the millions.
  • 82% of baby boomer are on some form of social media.
  • AARP an AMAC memberships are booming.
  • Baby Boomer are spending money like crazy. They tend to relate to the store name instead of the product name.
  • Bad news is the baby boomers have contracted Hepatitis C at a higher rate than any other generation before them.
  • Baby Boomers are highly educated as they went to college that their parents may not have had the opportunity.
  • The children of baby boomers are living longer at home.
  • Baby Boomer senior citizen is not what it was before them.
  • The baby boomer is living longer and working longer (read article here) even into retirement. See my article I wrote on that here.
  • Social Programs will be stretched to the limit in the coming years. See my article I wrote about this here.

What is next? Generation who?

Generation X is the next in line. They are often referred to as the “latch key” kid as the baby boomer parents both worked full time and the children attended day care.

This generation has had stark influence on the baby boomers as they have lived at home longer. They are now beginning to have families, but are very cautious as they saw broken homes and watched kids grow up without one parent not being at home.

Baby boomers have had the highest divorce rate than any other generation. With the cost of living growing faster than some wages, these baby boomers and generation X have learned to do Financial planning that the prewar generation did not have to worry about as much.

What do we do now?

As I said earlier, the baby boomer retirement out look is different from previous generations. Many are retiring, but electing to continue to work outside of the norm of the traditional 9-5 job or career.

I have written an article on this and you can read that here and learn about how the baby boomer can utilize the internet to make passive income that still allows you the freedom to do the things you want to.

Please leave me your comments or ask me a question about what you think about making money online in today’s tech savvy world.  You can read about My Story here and why I got involved online.

After all, millions of baby boomers are on the internet and 82% are on social media.

Make this technology work for you!

I hope you have found this article entertaining and informative.

If you have any question or comment, please feel free to leave that below and I will get back to you ASAP.

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  1. Well said,

    We are just getting started!

    I started the transition to an online business well over a decade ago and I couldn’t be happier! the fact that 82% of are already online just ensures that success is all around us!

    I look forward to getting to read more of your blogs,


    1. Thanks for the comments

      I believe that there is a lot to be said about the baby boomer generation. We are a lot more teach savvy than most think and we have a lot of experiences that can be told and written about.

      Yu can read my post bout how I got involved in Wealthy Affiliate in my post, My Story ( Please let me know what you think.

  2. What an interesting read! I had no idea there were 75 million babies born into the Baby Boomer generation! I am obviously not in the same generation, so studying about this in school when you’re young, you don’t fully realize how much of an impact they have on the world. Thank you for sharing this!

    1. Thank you for reading. The baby boomers followed the Greatest Generation to be the largest generation. Technology has boomed during our growing up and I hope has left the younger generations a much better place to live. The baby boomers grew up while a lot of today’s technology was being developed and the generations today have been born into that technological world.

      Thanks for the comments as they are greatly appreciated.

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