How to find Keywords for my Website, JAXXY is much more!

Jaxxy! The tool that keeps on giving! Early in affiliate marketing training you are taught that writing quality content that is valuable to your reader is key to attracting and retaining your reader and potential customer base. But how do they find your content to begin with? Targeted keywords is the key.  By targeted, I … Continue reading “How to find Keywords for my Website, JAXXY is much more!”

Happy Retirement Quotes! What is Yours?

It is all about attitude! Someone once said, “Don’t have something to retire from, but something to retire to”. This is all about having a great attitude and perspective on life. So many of us focus on how we will retire from our business or career and give little focus on where we are headed … Continue reading “Happy Retirement Quotes! What is Yours?”

Wealthy Affiliate Scam…..or Is it for You!

Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam or is it for you? In this article I will give you my honest and complete review of Wealthy Affiliate based on my experience as a beginner into the affiliate marketing business. If you are either a beginner or experienced in online affiliate marketing, I hope you find my perspective … Continue reading “Wealthy Affiliate Scam…..or Is it for You!”