Happy Retirement Quotes! What is Yours?

It is all about attitude! Someone once said, “Don’t have something to retire from, but something to retire to”. This is all about having a great attitude and perspective on life. So many of us focus on how we will retire from our business or career and give little focus on where we are headed … Continue reading “Happy Retirement Quotes! What is Yours?”

What is Retirement About for You?

Who and what is the happiest person on Monday? Retired! What does or will retirement mean for you? How will it be defined? When I look back on my family tree, the meaning of retirement was many things. On my father side, no one retired as all of his siblings including himself died earlier in … Continue reading “What is Retirement About for You?”

Retired and Worried about Tomorrow? Best Way How to Make Money Online!

Are you retired and thinking what is left to do? Are you worried that you will be able to lead a productive retirement life? I have recently retired from the oil and gas industry. I am not finished with being a productive and an active member of society. When I retired, I wondered what is … Continue reading “Retired and Worried about Tomorrow? Best Way How to Make Money Online!”

How Much Social Security Will I Get And When?

Are you thinking about your social security benefits yet?   Well, maybe you should be. Many of us are approaching or have arrived at the age that we can now apply for social security benefits. If you are like me, you dread working with a government agency! You can educate yourself and probably know more than … Continue reading “How Much Social Security Will I Get And When?”

Welcome to “Retired Fanatic”

Welcome to my site, retiredfanatic.com. This site is dedicated to providing any person that is about to retire or already has entered into that stage of life powerful and quality information. I plan to provide up to date information and resources to assist you as you either prepare, settle into, or just looking for ways … Continue reading “Welcome to “Retired Fanatic””