DropShipping Suppliers, Baby Boomers Learn To Sell Online!

Can you teach an old dog new tricks?

Baby boomers have answered with a huge YES!

Baby boomers are hitting the internet by the millions and are more tech savy than most might believe.

When I was growing up, the only way to research a topic that you needed information on was to go to the library and do the research by reading encyclopedias.

While in college, I spent countless hours in the library studying and researching to accomplish my assignments for my studies.

Today, you just hit the internet and the world of information is at your finger tips.

According to the Pew for the Associated Press, here are a few statics for the baby boomers that are online:

  • Baby boomers are more likely to send or receive emails daily that the younger generation.
  • The baby boomers are researching online for medical assistance and knowledge more than others.
  • 66% of online baby boomers are looking to the internet for healthcare information.
  • Over 50 % of the baby boomers are looking to the internet for financial resources.
  • About 15% of online baby boomers are trading stocks online daily.
  • Spiritual and inspirational website are providing online information to the baby boomers looking for ways to pursue passions and increase happiness.

Today, only about 24% of all baby boomers are confident that they have enough money saved to retire without running out of money.

This is leading baby boomers to look online for alternatives to supplement their retirement income. Selling online has become a passion that many are looking to fulfill.

So how do you sell online when you do not have an inventory or means to ship to potential customers? You market and sell others product that people are looking for to solve their problems.

Shopify and Dropshipping have become very popular ways to fulfill this dream. To do this, you have to have a way to get the product that you are marketing to the view of your potential audience.

The online way to do that is to create an attractive and captivating website that will present your product and sell the audience that this is the best option for them to buy.

Many e-commerce companies provide you a way to create a website, but usually their services are limited.

This leads you to hire a consultant or coach to help you create a website that is visible to the 3 top search engines, Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Without this, your website will just get lost in the internet fray.

Today, I will show you how to build a website for free that comes with the training you need to create and market your website so that it will get the online traffic required to sell your products for your DropShipping efforts.

This is a complete system that is free to get started. To gain all the benefits of this platform, the cost is lower than most platforms and provides training and functionality that you will need to be successful online.

Building A Great Website!

I am not experienced in DropShipping, but I do know that to sell online you need a website.

This website will be your store that people will visit and buy your products from. It needs to be attractive and informative in order to dropship your products successfully.

It needs to be creative and it must keep the attention of your audience.

Today, you can build websites for free and Site Rubix is a way to do that in about 30 minutes.

This link will show you how.

You can build that first website within 10-20 minutes through Site Rubix for free and gain access to the #1 ranked online platform, Wealthy Affiliate. You can get started for free without the need of entering any credit card information. It is that easy.

Make That Website Public, Get A Following!

Not all suppliers of DropShipping are created equal. Most offer the ability to easily create a website to market your DropShipping products.

They will provide the e-commerce functionality that is required to dropship. However, to be successful online you need to reach an audience of customers.

Your website needs to be recognized, indexed, and ranked by the big three search engines, Google, Yahoo, and Bing!

Without this, your website is just a blur on the worldwide web called the internet. You need to be taught how to make this happen.

Most DropShipping offers will teach you how to make a website, but fall short in teaching you how you can proactively promote your site and get it in front of potential audiences.

A website without traffic will not benefit you or your business. Traffic to your website is the key to profitability through conversions of sales of your products.

Fortunately for you, Wealthy Affiliate can provide you the education through a step by step training program that will help you build a profitable and scaleable business the right way the first time.

Wealthy Affiliate will provide much more than just a website.

It provides:

  • A complete website builder
  • Keyword research tools
  • Live video classes
  • Step by step training teaching people how to make money from their website
  • Authoring and content tools
  • Website development classrooms
  • Free, quality, and unlimited website hosting
  • Internet marketing training
  • 24/7 website technical support
  • Unlimited access to seasoned website marketers, the best in the business
  • Access to the owners and creators of Wealthy Affiliate

Get The Training You Need To Be Successfull Online!

Creating online without the training needed to be successful is meaningless.

Wealthy Affiliate will solve that problem for you.

Building that website is just step one. It is an important step, but marketing that website is the key to driving potential customers to your site (traffic).

Wealthy Affiliate will take your through a structured leaning experience that will give you the education, knowledge, and skills necessary to successfully market products through your DropShipping business.

Wealthy Affiliate is the only platform to offer an Online Certification program as part of this step by step educational process.

Get Help When You Need It From The Best!

The gem buried within Wealthy Affiliate is the active and helping community. You will not be alone in this online effort to build and be successful in DropShipping.

Other platforms might offer online help during business hours, but within Wealthy Affiliate you get a community that never sleeps. This community is worldwide (over 1.4 million members) that are always online and ready to help.

They will provide:

  • Helping you solve problems 
  • Sharing each other good practices and techniques with you 
  • Warns each other of bad practices and what to do or not do so you don’t make the same mistakes 
  • Sharing best and workable practices 
  • Provides stewardship for one another, mentorship. 
  • Knowledge base of like-minded people that have common goals to be successful

My Recommendations To You!

I am a Baby Boomer working in the online world today.  

If you have chosen to be part of the DropShipping world, you are in the right place.

Here you can:

  • Uncover opportunities in the use of keywords 
  • Build an interesting and captivating brand
  • Identify and solve customers problems
  • Help customers flourish in their passions
  • Follow your own passion
  • Fins the opportunity gaps
  • Utilize your experiences and expertise
  • Find trends early and capitalize on them

These are the key ingredients to a successful DropShipping business by using the right DropShipping suppliers.

Wealthy Affiliate can help you solve that problem and set you up to succeed and flourish online.

Finding the opportunities and  acting on them is the key.

Join me today at Wealthy Affiliate.

You can be the one you have always wanted to be and live the life you deserve.

I want to hear what you think about DropShipping and Welathy Affiliate by leaving a comment below. I can help you along the way if you let me know.












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