It’s About That Time! Retirement RVing!

It’s not an easy decision!

Making the decision to go full time in a RV should not be taken lightly. This is a big decision and it takes planning to make it a reality.

This has been a retirement RVing process that my wife and I have been going through as we will be moving into a Class A Motorhome and embarking on an adventure to see the U.S. and Canada.

We have an opportunity to lease our home to our daughter and make our dream of traveling the beautiful United States of America come true.

It will be a win-win situation for us and our daughter.

What we have learned over the last few weeks and months is that you do not just go buy an RV and take off on the road.

This is a process you should understand and follow that consist of:

  • Deciding what type of RV fits your needs (Class A, Class B, Class C, 5th Wheel, or Travel Trailer)
  • What to look for in a RV such as:
    • Floor plans as there are many to pick from.
    • Gas type (gas verse diesel)
    • What options you want
      • King verse Queen master bed?
      • One bath or more?
      • Do I need Bunk beds?
      • Washer/Dryer?
      • etc..
  • What do I need to know and understand about the buying process?
    • New verse used?
    • Financing or not?
  • We have watched tons of You Tube videos as this is a great source of information and being able to learn from others mistakes.
  • After I buy, what else do I need for my RV? Once again, You Tube is a great source here.
  • Ready to buy, go find the best deal and be prepared to travel to where that RV might be.
  • After I buy, how do I plan my trips?

We have learned a lot along the way of educating ourselves in this process and now we are about to make the plunge into Living RV Fultime.

In this post I will give you my insights and recommendations based on my experience if you decide this is a retirement Rving lifestyle for you.

Time To Buy

We have narrowed our search and we are ready to buy.

One of the first things you will recognize when you start this process is the vast number of motor home manufacturers to pick from.

Even though there is a lot of similarity, they are not all alike.

Each one will have something that will differentiate them from the other competitors.

For my wife and I, we have decided to look and buy either a Tiffin or Newmar motor home. We feel that the two manufacturers have the quality, history of service, and options that will best suit our needs.

We have decided to purchase a used motor home as the used market is very good. There seems to be a lot of nearly new motorhomes that are low mileage and well taken care of.

If you buy new, you should expect the following two big items.

  1. The new motor home will depreciate anywhere from 25% to 40% the day you drive it off the new dealer lot. WOW!
  2. The first year of ownership will be filled with trips back to the dealer to take care of small, but time-consuming items that will go wrong with the new coach.
    1. The old saying in buying a motor home for the first time is: “Never Buy New”!
    2. You need to understand that the motorhomes are personally driven from the manufacturer directly to the dealer. So once it comes off the assembly line, straight to the dealer it goes. Too often it does not get the proper quality checks and prep by the dealer, thus resulting in the new owner finding all the issue during the 1st year of ownership.

My wife and I are in the downsizing mode and we are preparing to move into the motor home once we buy it.

We have our money ready, the only task now is to find the right motor home and go buy it. 

What Is This RV All About?

OK, now that you have a RV, do not just hit the road.

You will want to fully familiarize yourself with your new home. Being able to repair something and understand what you have is a lot easier at home in the driveway than on the side of the road.

Go over all the electronics, pneumatics, and instrumentation before you go on the road. There is plenty of help on You Tube to help you understand your new purchase.

When I went to You Tube, I found 2 fultime RVers that I believe their videos are the most helpful.

They are the RV Geeks.

They have a series of videos to help educate you on RV living and how to do maintenance and repair if needed.

Watch this video on How To Drive a RV:

You can also get great checklists to help you before and after you start your trips. Being well-educated on your coach is most important and the series of videos by the RV Geeks (there are many other great videos) is a great start.

Watch this video on RV Tips:

What Else Do I Need For This RV? Motorhome and Accessories!

Now that i have purchased my motor home, I’m ready to start my adventure.

Maybe or maybe not.

Do you have everything you need to hook up at the RV park.

In an earlier article I did a product review on one of the Apps you will find a must have when living the RV life that you can read here.

This will enlighten you on what to expect when you get to the RV park.

You will need to hookup fresh water, sewer connections, and electrical connections.

What if:

  • If your new motor home is a 50 amp circuit, then how will you hook up to a 30 amp service that the park provides?
  • What is the water hose provided with you new home doesn’t reach the fresh water connection (hose is too short)?
  • Do you have the proper connections and sizes for the sewer connections provided (adapters might be needed)?
  • Do you have an inline GCFI for your electric hookup?
  • Are you starting to get the picture here?

Most motor homes will not come with all the accessories that you might need to be able to go on the road with confidence.

So from my research and watching You Tube, here is a list of items you will need prior to hitting the road:

  • Fresh water regulator to ensure the RV park water pressure does not adversely affect your coach.
  • Fresh water hose extension
  • Electric “Dog Bones”. These are the adapters that allow you to either step up or down in electric Amps as needed for your coach.
  • Y connector for your water source. This will allow you to run an outside water hose without having to disconnect your coach fresh water supply.
  • Leveling blocks to properly level your coach for your stay.
  • Inline electrical GCFI to protect your coach from electrical spikes from the electrical source.
  • “Stinky Slinky”, this is the sewer connection hoses for the sewer hookups.
  • You will need a mat for the front of your coach to prevent all the dirt from outside from being walked in.

This is list may not be all-inclusive, but it is a good start for your new adventure.

Buy Now using the links I provided above for these items as they are available from Amazon for the best prices.

 Do Not Just “Wing It”!

Plan your trips!

This is must. Be prepared and know where you are going and where you will be staying. Even though part of the freedom is just being able to hit the open road, you still need to make reservations for the RV parks.

The AllStays App I mentioned above in my previous article will provide you with the tools to easily do this while on the road.

Being prepared will help you from being surprised and eliminate any inconvenience. After all, you are out for fun and enjoyment, not headaches.

If you plan to take a pet, such as a dog, on your trips, you can read how to do that here.

Now Have A Safe, Enjoyable Trip(s).

So what will your new home look like?

For me. it is a big box on wheels with a motor.

As we discussed, there is a lot more to just going out and buying a motor home and hitting the road.

It is a process that you need to go through to get the most benefit and make the best decision for you and your family.

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I hope you have found this article of great value and informative.

If you have a question or comment, I would love to hear what you think about this article by leaving that comment below.

I will get back to you ASAP.



6 thoughts on “It’s About That Time! Retirement RVing!

  1. There is a lot of useful information in this article. My wife and i are also planning to retire this way. We currently have a travel trailer that we drag behind our pickup truck, but we will be moving up to a class A when the time is right. Thanks for all of the advice! Enjoy the open road.

    1. Since you have been using a travel trailer then you are half way there. The market for good low mileage nearly new Class A’s has never been better.

      Did you have the Allstays App?

      We plan to buy within the next few weeks and start the process of moving into it. This will be the beginning of our great adventure.

      Thanks for the comments and help.

  2. Perfect timing! We just bought a new motorhome and as you mentioned, we already went to the service for small adjustments. Like you, we informed us from different sources what we want and decided for new, because the old ones are almost the same price as a new one, but with many drove kilometres on board.
    Thanks for your article.

    1. It is a personal choice for everyone on which one and how you buy. Here is the US the used market is quite good as there is a lot of low mileage 3-6 year old models to look at.

      I think a lot of people buy on emotion and regret the purchase later, thus producing a good used market. Thanks for sharing your story.

  3. Hi ,
    I enjoyed your article about how you can see the world around you with a motor home . For me is not the time to think about retire but your article made me to think about future . I think that I will bookmark your page for more info !

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