Retired, What Now? Active Adult Retirement Communities

What are your plans when you retire?  Are you going to travel?  Are you staying in the house you have always lived in?

Do you want to be part of an active adult retirement community?

There are so many options available today for the person that is approaching or have entered into that stage of their life called “retirement”.

If you have the dream of playing golf regularly, taking long walks while feeling secure, or just gathering with friends and doing activities together, the active adult retirement communities might just be what you a looking for.

These communities are senior planned lifestyles, well-designed for the adult living, and offer many amenities for the active senior and their spouse.

Let’s discuss what these communities are, what they can offer you, what types are best suited for your needs, and where are these communities locate.

Are you ready to explore this trending lifestyle?

Understanding the different types and options.

Leisure Style Community

These communities are designed for the empty nesters that want to down size and get active. These communities are the resort style that offer amenities such as golf or other outdoor activities. The homes are usually smaller and designed to fit the changing lifestyles of the senior adult.

Independent living Community

Here in the independent living community, although similar to the leisure community, they offer other services such as centralized meals, provided transportation, housekeeping and linen services. These communities might have age limits and give the owner quieter environments to live in.

Continuing Care Retirement Community

This community offers an independent living lifestyle for individuals who do not need constant physician or nursing supervision. But in some cases, assisted living and nursing home facilities may be on the same property of this community. This is different from other housing and care options for senior people because it offers a long term contract that provides for housing, services and nursing care.

What is an active adult retirement community?

Are these just old folks homes?

Not at all!

The thing that is best about these communities is that the community management companies today have done their homework. They have reconfigured and shown a lot of imagination that will attract the senior adult or “baby boomer” by offering what they are looking for in their retirement years.

The communities are strategically place to be by parks, transportation, and even medical facilities for the convenience of the owner. Most of these communities are resort in nature and offer activities that every senior adult is looking for.

One of the best attraction of these communities is that you will be living around neighbors that are like-minded in the sense of where they are in life and what they enjoy doing. Your ability to connect with them is greatly increased verse a regular community that is mostly young families.

What do they offer me?

A way to stay active and productive in your later years. This is the core of what they offer when you live in an active adult retirement community. It not only promotes you to more active, but make it fun and social.

You will have more down time than you did when you were working. These communities offer planned activities and social events that will keep your calendar full. Because everyone’s health is at a different stage, the activities are planned to accommodate any person within their own abilities.

Most of these communities are a resort style of living. This means plenty of golf, bowling, billiards, or whatever hobby you might enjoy. Now is the time for you to play as much as you want.

Are you a hiker or walker? These communities will provide areas and options such as trails that will satisfy these needs. Maybe it is just riding a bike. There will be safe trails to do that on.

Because you are living around people of your own age group, the sense of community is very strong. Most of the homes are designed and built with ease of ownership and comfort in mind.

Don’t like doing yard work? These communities are well maintained as this fee is usually included in your Home Owner Association payment.

So sit back and enjoy life.  Play golf, the choice is yours.

Which one is for me?

Not all of these communities will be the same. You have to ask yourself some of these questions:

  • Are you looking for warmer of colder environment?
  • What hobby or activity do you enjoy the most?
  • Do you want to be closer to water or mountains?
  • Do you plan to travel often?
  • What standard of living are you looking for?

While these questions are not all-inclusive, it is a good starting point to narrow where and what you are looking for in an active retirement community. Depending on where you choose, it can be affordable or luxury living to fit your needs or wants.

Before you choose, look into the options and packages that will be offered. Many active retirement communities will offer “Discovery Packages” where you can go stay over a long weekend and mix and mingle with the neighborhood.

This is a good way to give it a “test drive” before you buy.

Consider the living expenses in that state or community, are there available medical facilities, what are the memberships being offered, scrutinize the activity calendar for your chosen hobby, what are if any restrictions around the property, and does the area have adequate transportation available.

Do not let this search for the perfect community overwhelm you as there is help on the internet and locally that are there to assist.

Where can I find my retirement community?

So if you choose to look into or buy within an active adult retirement community, there are plenty of choices and in many geographical locations.


Some communities host annual Resort and Retirement Shows that can be a good way to start or finish your adventure into this lifestyle.

Other ways are to talk with friends that have already entered int this life and get their input of valuable experiences before making that step.

As I discussed in an earlier post (you can read here), baby boomers today are re-writing the definition of retirement. It can be playing golf all day or earning a passive income to allow this lifestyle.

I know you will make a great choice for you and your spouse. Start living the life you have always wanted.  

Be independent and earn passive income while you play!

I hope you have found this article informative and helpful.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave those below and I will get back to you ASAP.






4 thoughts on “Retired, What Now? Active Adult Retirement Communities

  1. My mom, who is retired, had been thinking about downsizing for awhile to get away from shoveling snow and mowing grass. She was really resistant to the idea of moving and didn’t want to consider any retirement communities because she thought she couldn’t be as active as she wanted to be.

    We finally were able to convince her to go see a couple close by, and we were all very impressed by what they had to offer. She wound up getting a 2 bedroom unit with her own garage and patio space and loves it! She actually has more of a social life now since she interacts with the people in the community and the activities, and she still comes and goes as she pleases.

    It’s wonderful that retirement community builders are offering wonderful resort-style living spaces and seeing that retirees have a lot of life to live still!

    1. Your mother will probably be more active now when she starts living with people of her age group that will motivate her and keep her moving. That is what is great about these communities.

      I’m glad you mother made the leap of faith and is moving forward in her living style.

      thanks for the comments. Keep me posted on her progress.

  2. We are starting to consider options for my parents and your article was very helpful. It really dispels the myth that these are dull, boring places which I know my folks would hate. These are hard decisions when people have been living in their own home all these years, and I know they will be sad to leave it when/if the time comes.

    The Discovery Packages sound like a great idea to ease them into it, and one we will look into further.

    Thanks for the article.

    1. I’m glad you found the article of value and insightful. My mom lived in the same house for 60 years and was fortunate enough to be independent long enough to stay there until her passing only because my sister lived across the street. Not all families have this ability.

      When looking at the Discovery packages, make sure to ask the questions I highlighted in the article to make sure the community fits their interest and needs.

      I would love to hear how it works out for your family.

      Once again, thanks for the comment.

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