Turn Your Passion into Profit. Hobbies That Make Money!

Do you have a hobby?

Do you have a passion outside of your day job?

Now that I am retired, I have the time to discover new interests/hobbies, or further develop old ones.

I used to play golf which I enjoyed more than I was good at. Love of the outdoors is what drove me into that hobby.

Golf is a great way to stay physically active in retirement, I guess that is why it is so popular.

Since I have retired, I have discovered that doing woodworking is calming and mentally challenging. The more I do this, the more I learn and acquire new skills.

I’m not very good at it yet, but I have built a couple of things that other people liked and have shared that with me. So that will encourage me to do more of it in the future

There seems to be a pattern around the hobbies I choose. I’m not very good at them, but I enjoy them very much.

This is what being retired is about for me. I finally get to do what I want to do and when I want to do it.

You worked hard and long during your career and now is the time to retire. This does not necessarily mean that the cash flow has to stop.

The thought of living on a set or fixed income is troubling to me. Who says I have to do this?

I have a lot of interest and things I want to do. Sometimes it takes money to support those things.

There is a lot of untapped talent among our retired and we need to realize our potential. This is the time in your life to turn your passions into a self-sustaining hobby.

In this article, lets discuss why it is important to stay active, lets discover new things that interest you, and how can I fund those interests so I can continue to enjoy them during your retirement.

It’s about staying mentally and physically sharp!

Have you heard the saying, “you are only as old as you feel”?

Do you ever say, “my body is getting old, but I think I am still young”?

There is a lot of truth and reality in these statements.

There is research by Howard Friedman, author of The Longevity Project, that says “Mental health affects physical health, and physical health affects mental health”. This is an objective assessment that personal character traits are associated with life longevity.

I believe that hobbies can keep a person mentally and physically sharp. A person that has worked their entire adult life will find it hard to stop at an age that is programmed into us to stop working.

For many of us, retirement does not mean for us to stop working. It means you now have the choice to do what you want to do and when you want to it.

The benefits of living in this technology driven world today is we can monetize just about anything, including our hobbies in this thing called retirement.

Do what interest you!

Go where you passion is and you will not have to work another day. Many of us share common interest and passions. These interests and passions makes it ideal to market because there is a large audience for you to capture.

Most of us in our working careers, we were good at:

  • Teaching
  • Selling
  • Writing
  • Creating
  • Designing
  • Leading
  • Coaching

These are all the skills of our adult working careers that we either learned or applied naturally. Now you can choose the what, when, and where of how you will apply these skills.

You can choose your interests and passions, then applying these skills to them. This is transferring these skills from your working life to retirement life.

With this comes the freedom you are seeking in retirement!

Now let’s see how we can make a passive or supplemental income during your retirement by applying these skills.

Hobbies that make money after retirement!

Teach what you love to do.

  • If you are a skilled photographer, a chef, a salesman, play piano, or an engineer, you can continue to teach what you have learned over the years. Become the local piano teacher or teach at a local adult educational school is an excellent way to teach your skills.

You love to make things.

  • Turn this passion into income by selling these goods at the local fairs or farm to markets.

You love to write.

  • Start writing a blog or for the local newspaper. You have a unique perspective that many will find very interesting to read about or about what you are thinking.
  • Tell people or show them how to do things based on your experience. Do a how to blog or step by step procedure on repairing something of your interest.

I bet you can create things that are needed.

  • Use you skills to create things that will fill a gap in what is being needed. For example, cooks need knives, yoga needs mats, and coffee drinkers need mugs.
  • There are many creative ways to produce these items and there is always a need for them.

Help lead the way.

  • Work at a local museum, lead tourist to the attractions in your city, or lead a nature trail group exploring the outdoors. There is always a need for a good leader.

Hobbies that can make you money online!


  • Do you love to take pictures? Sell your photos online to Shutterstock.com. You can earn a percentage or set amount for each photo that you sell.
  • Show someone how to research and purchase the right camera for their hobby. If it is Nikon, Canon, Samsung, or Pentax, show them how to pick the one that has the options they will need to succeed.


  • Write an eBook about something that you are an expert on. This can be a how to and it does not have to be a novel. It can be as short as 20 pages as long as it tells your reader how to do something or guides them to what they are seeking. Amazon loves to sell your eBooks.
  • Be a ghost writer for a blogger. With the competition that the online blogger faces, they will always be looking to outsource this part of their business. Some of the most popular online writing sites that the online blogger uses are:


  • Teach by being an Online Tudor. With the rise in homeschooling, the online tutor has never been in such great demand. This is an excellent way to share your skills and knowledge.
  • One example of this is Tudor.com.

These are just a few examples on how you can leverage your skills and make money while doing so.

You have the knowledge, the experiences, and the skills necessary to help others.

Who needs a Job, I have Retirement!

As you can see and if you apply a little imagination, you can:

  • stay active in your retirement years, both mentally and physically
  • discover new things that interest you and share your life skills and experiences
  • fund those interests or passions either locally or online

If you have followed this site, you know I have chosen to earn a passive income as an affiliate marketer online.

This is fulfilling my needs and wants to share my skills and experiences:

  • Teaching
  • Selling
  • Writing
  • Creating
  • Designing
  • Leading
  • Coaching

This allows me to stay socially active, physically active, and mentally active while working when, where, and what I want to. I set my schedule and have the time for myself and my family.

This to me is living retirement with freedom!

So as they say,“you are only as old as you feel”!

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Go for a free test drive and see if this might be something for you as well.


I hope you have found this article informative and helpful.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave those below and I will get back to you ASAP.



10 thoughts on “Turn Your Passion into Profit. Hobbies That Make Money!

  1. I really enjoyed reading this post. I totally agree with you on the fact that retirement doesn’t mean you have to stop earning money. I’m currently 44 years old and plan to retire early and my means of doing that is learning how to earn money online. I feel that in order for people to survive now and in the future, the best decision anyone can make is figuring out how to make money online. You gave so many great ideas for doing so.

    As a nurse, I realize how important it is to keep mentally and physically active even after retirement. We have to keep our minds stimulated. Loved your post.

  2. I read your article and I liked what I read. Having an online business has always been my dream, but there were many scams I faced down the road and it that feeling of uncertainty whether the next program is real or just another scam. Your article looks very informative and convincing. My question is: How recommended is it for someone with no previous experience?


    1. The beauty of Wealthy Affiliates is it was designed by affiliate marketers for affiliate marketers. It is a step by step training process that takes you down a road of building that 1st website and business.

      If you decide to join, please use my links as it will keep us in communication as you get started and I can give you my experiences when I got started. I can show you what not to do and what to do that will help you succeed.

      The community you would join is the most helpful as everyone wants to see you succeed.

      If you are already a member of WA, then feel free to contact me at anytime and I will be glad to help you out or at least point you in the right direction.

      Thanks for the comment. Just remember, everyone at one point was a beginner in this world of affiliate marketing.

  3. Great information! I like the idea of doing something after retirement that will keep my mind fit, and keep me busy doing something I have a passion for! I like this idea a lot. So many retire, and find that they are bored and end up going back to work. I want to have a purpose, and you have shown me I can 🙂

    1. My goal when I retired was to stay retired from the business I was in over the last 40 years. WA has given me that opportunity. I stay socially active and I learn something new each day. The best part is you can work anywhere at anytime. Your call on that, just look into the mirror and wish your boss a great day.

  4. Wow, what an amazing article my friend. You’ve covered a lot. I too have a website dedicated to my hobby and I can attest that you CAN make money doing so and eventually quit your day job to do it full-time (if you stick to it and never give up, of course). It definitely is not easy but then again, nothing that’s great in this world is easy to attain anyway. Good work, keep it up!

    1. Thanks Brandon for the comments. I have a camping website that you might be interested in that is new that often talks about my camping trips with my grandson’s cub scout troop.


      I love to tell my audience that is retired or about to retire that they have a lot of options to stay active and why not make money at it if you can. Just like our old day jobs, we spend a lot of our time on our hobbies and monetizing them can help you fund that activity and maybe excite others to do the same. I see this as a win win.

  5. Hi Donald, I loved reading you post. As a retired person it is so important to have hobbies. I have met so many people, especially men who have been so busy with their careers and have had no time to develop a hobby and it is such a shame. My husband was a Church Minister but was a great wood worker as well and the children and I have many articles of furniture he made. Just before he was diagnosed with Lewy Body Disease, which has meant Frail Care and not able to communicate or walk, he made a beautiful grandfather clock. It was a life ambition for him and I am so happy he was able to do this before becoming so ill.
    We women folk seem to have many more hobbies which keep us busy and happy.
    Good luck with you wood work.

    1. I am one of those men, I worked hard and didn’t take time to develop a hobby that I was good at. I am glad your husbands got to see that project through. One of my goals for this site is to help others to not make the same mistakes I have made and help with their education on the many options available today. We live in a wonderful world that allows anyone to do what they want to do and enjoy life.

      Thanks for the comments

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